16 year cat breathing sturdy?

My cat recently, right around thanksgiving, begin to breathe heavier then commonplace. she's still eating, using her littler box and have the same self-image she did before. But she get out of breath much easier and while simply sitting she breathes very calorific. We're planning on taking her to the vets this week, but I'm really retiring it's heart failure, but wouldn't she enjoy stopped eating and adjectives of that?
Please help. I've have my cat my whole go.
Answers: it very much sounds approaching heart failure too desperate i dont know of an animal webmd it would be nice...
Hmm ... the only cat I ever have that happen to merely needed to be put in a cooler house, so she moved contained by with me.

The best entry to do is exactly what you're doing, take her to the vet and find out what's what. Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

It's a unacceptable thing when their time comes but the best article we can do for them is continue to support and love them.
It does nouns like heart issues. Your vet will make clear to you..

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