A everyday kitten?

Ok I don't know about this one. I enjoy a four/five month old kitten...he act crazy as a normal kitten should, plays adjectives the time and runs around, eats, and pees and poops. I took his temp closing night and it be a little low. We are taking his temp next to a digital thermometer and in two second we have a temp. I am not sure it is reading properly. People read out he's sick...some say he's fine. He looks and act fine. What do you think? Any feedback would be awesome!
Answers: I don't deduce you should worry so much if the kitten eat, drinks, plays and excretes normally.
Animals own a different temperature from humans and the thermometers used surrounded by this case are different too.
The most adjectives problems that may occur could be vomiting and diarrhea because their digestive apparatus is not fully developed nonetheless and it takes a while for them to adjust to their different eating conduct. In that case you should contact the vet right now.

ps= about the shots; it is not needed to do them so frequently if your cat lives inside the house. I know their tricks! Don't listen to them, pets do not need shots every year.
I deliberate he's fine. If he acts fine next he's probably okay. Why are you taking his temperature? Is this thermometer for humans? That could be why it's so low. I don't regard you can take here temperatures unless you're at the vet. He's okay.

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