Kitten throwing up food -updated?

it started last they would eat and play and throw up the food is this normal it looks like the food watered down.i feed them whiskas meaty selections chicken & turkey flaovrs with crunchy meaty nuggets.ive been feeding it to the since the beginning of the week and its been fine but now its just doing it so im worried the bigger kitten throws up and eats again and the goes back to play i dont think its the smaller kitten but im still worried about both of them they seem fine sleep in the day and play at night i need help with this first i was feeding the friskies and whiskas soft food and it became way to expensive to i switched it i want everyones opinion on this and if you know any vet please have them answer this question. they are 5 makes a sound llike a growling puppy kind of it very cute and does it when he play.well this morning i found no throw up and i havent seen any all still worried it turns out that the food i feed them is full of fillers so ill switch it
Hello Jay,
Do you feed them kitten food? I don't know the brand that you describe but they should not be given adult cat food. They must have kitten food until they are one year old. In the UK, Felix and Whiskas do a kitten food variety, also Hi Life and (sounds like) "Nature's Own". Felix is the cheapest brand. Local supermarkets usually stock the Whiskas and possibly the Felix kitten food. You will find a bigger range at a pet shop such as Pets at Home. You can also get kitten food from the vets. The kittens also need to have fresh water available. In particular if you feed them the dry kitten food variety that the vets offer, water is absolutely essential.
Kitten food is more expensive than adult cat food but it is vital that you provide them with the correct nutrition now so that they can develop and enjoy good health in their adult life.
If they are five months or older they can have two to three meals a day. If they are younger than five months they can have three to four meals a day. Alternatively you can leave food out for them to eat as they wish but any uneaten moist food shoul be discarded after 24 hours.
If you find that vomiting still persists after giving them the correct food then you should have them checked by the vet.
If you drastically change the food, the kitten's stomach might not be used to the new food yet. If you poured about half of the old food and half of the new food, the kitten should've been fine. Otherwise, take it to the vet for any digestive problems it might have.
I'm not sure how to read your paragraph. I would switch to a cat food with no fillers and no red#40 or yellow#5 color in it. It will cost more, but it's well worth it!! Don't keep your cat, otherwise.
The yellow and red dyes are pretty hard on some cats' stomachs, try to avoid those. Another possibility is your giving them too much at once. My cat occasionally over eats and eats too fast and then vomits. Avoid the dyes, and try to feed each about half of what your giving them twice a day. If neither helps, you need to see a vet.
Good luck
We always mix our cat food (our cat likes the stuff that makes him sick- and hates the reguar stuff... we used to have him on dog food until my dad started spoiling him) also there is Kitten food and Cat food- see which yours is (you're kitty will come back- don't worry)
I would go with kitten food. Purina makes it in small cans, you can get it at the pet stores. I haven't seen it in a grocery store. You can split the can once for breakfast and a second time for supper. Also go with the dry kitten food.
You might try smaller portions of food because some can food is richer then others. Try different flavors and brands of food until you find one that suits your kitty without the vomiting. I had this problem also but it was with the dry cat food. It took me several different brands of cat food until I finally found one that agreed with them.
You mentioned that your kitties play after they vomit, that is good sign that they just needed to get rid of the rich food, or they are eating their food too fast.

Good luck

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