2 year aged cat have a stomach bug later week, seem fine in a minute except that we notice him "swaying" while sitting.

Our otherwise very athletic 2 year old cat projectile vomited on two occasion almost 2 weeks ago. We brought him to the vet after it happened the second time. They kept him overnight and run a bunch of tests. The vet said that bar a fever he seem fine and that the bloodwork all come back mundane except that he apparently has a heart murmur. We brought him home and give him five days of antibiotics and corticosteroids. He was appreciably lethargic for a few days but bit by bit improved and have been his usual agile self again for almost a week now. I am still somewhat concerned, however, because a few minutes ago I looked over and he be sitting in the middle of the room placidly rocking or swaying, almost like he be falling asleep sitting up. I'm hoping it's something innocuous, but I've never seen him exhibit this loving of behavior except once last week, the year we brought him home from the vet. Help?
Answers: Without actually seeing the behavior, its unyielding to say - he could hold just be sleepy, or maybe his watching a fly or something thats flying hindmost and forth. Or he could be having a petit mal siezure. If he is intake, drinking, peeing, pooping, and acting normally, and this is solitary a once in a while article, I wouldn't get to worried around it, but keep on eye on him. If it is a occupation, they may get worse.
The best point to do, if you can manage it, is video cassette him doing the swaying thing (will your cell phone lift breif videos? - you dont inevitability more that 30 sec to a min) and show it to the vet. Even if you can't video it, mention it to vet, decribe it as best you can, just surrounded by case. But if he's acting typically otherwise, its probably nothing.
that sounds terrifying if i were you i would telephone the vet or go to a different one i prolly would enjoy freeked out

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