Someones cat is departing unmoving rats on my porch. How do I be paid it stop?

I have tried yell & screaming at the cat. I have chased it away & I own tried spraying it with marine when I see it in the courtyard or near the spinal column door. Please tell me what I can do! The rats hang on to getting bigger and bigger.
Answers: I had nouns with this - a friend who like cats told me to try it. I bought a jar of very hot chili pepper and mixed the juice and pepper into a liquidy solution. Added some crushed very hot little red pepper from a plant, too. Poured solution around the stoop and stairs and the route to my window where on earth cat was coming and bothering my dog and peeing. Left lots of pepper seed so they would get on cat's paw. This is a good solution since it repels the cats but doesn't impair them permanently (anti-freeze? come on, be humane!). There are repellant sprays at the store, but I like the idea of hot pepper since it was a inborn solution. Cat Has Not Returned.
They are dead, so what is the problem ?

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