Bed bugs and cats?

I just moved into my first condo and within the first two weeks my fiance and I discovered we have bed bugs. I am absolutely disgusted, and we're having an exterminator come tomorrow. However, we have three cats and I am extremely concerned about their well-being. Does anyone know how soon it is safe for me to bring my cats home again? And furthermore, I'll need to treat the cats for bed bugs just in case - does anyone know of a safe treatment that can be applied TO cats? I tried to contact the MSPCA, but they weren't very helpful.
I actually did some research on this when I thought I had bedbugs. It turned out my dog had brought a rat in and killed it on my bed, causing an infestation of mites.

You will not have to treat your cats for bedbugs. Bedbugs live in dark areas, like corners and in your mattress. They come out at night to feed.

They do not attach themselves to pets.

There are some really good sites. Google bedbugs to learn all about them (and plan to be revolted).
When you ask how soon to bring them home do you mean after the exterminator does his thing?Like the chemical residue? You should ask the exterminator. My guess is the same day. If you mean will they get bit, well the exterminator should take care of that, the infestation, that day. I've heard they are hard to get rid of because they hide behind anything, but your exterminator is a professional and should know what he is doing. The thing is, do other condos have this problem, and can they travel to your home from another home, leaving you open for re infestation. No one had seen bed bugs for decades in the U.S. and now they are making a resurgence. There are supposedly two reasons for this, not using DDT anymore, and the increase in international travel, and immigration from countries where bed bugs are common. EDIT I've been doing some reading on bed bugs, and I read that often an exterminator has to make more than one trip to get rid of the bed bugs because they can be so hard to find. Good luck, really, I feel for you. They may not live on your cats but they will bite your cats.
As for your cats' safety you will want to ask your exterminator. It all depends on the product he is going to apply. Tell him your concerns before he gets to your home so that he is prepared to apply a product with your pets' safety in mind. Also, ask your exterminator how long the cats will need to vacate the premisis and hang out at the kitty-spa.

The good news for the cats is, bed bugs only feed on humans and will not feed off pets, so there will be no need to have them treated.
Bed Bugs are the worst thing that could happen to a persons home and very hard to get rid of. I had a bed bug problem for over a year and even after 4 pest control treatments (professional) they didn’t go away. I eventually had to move to a new apartment. Heres an article I wrote on everything bed bugs, what to do, how to spot, etc.

How to get rid of bed bugs
The exterminator will be able to tell you when its safe to bring your cats back into your home.

Bed bugs are totally disgusting. They suck... literally

There is an interesting site that offers a free course on everything you want to know and probably a whole bunch of stuff you don't want to know about bed bugs and how to get rid of them

Check it out and good luck with the battle with the bed bugs

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