A stray cat scratched me??

I dont know anything about the cat but it seem relatively calm for a stray cat...
Can you obtain rabies from a stray cat scrtching you??
I`ve been consciousness kinda dizzy ever since then...but it could only be coincidence.
Help please??!
Answers: Don't worry just about it, if it was an stroke of luck; it's a calm cat. If it's a soft cat; it would be rare for him/her to win rabies.

You just get nervous, it happen, chances are you suddenly perceive worse when you remember the cat scratched you or see the mark.

Oh and an alternative thing, never tolerate them sniff your face right away; extend your paw under and perchance a bit forward of the nose. Never pick up a cat you don't know, they might be pacify but they don't know if you are.
No idea. Be past the worst and see a doctor.

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