How do I stop my cat from getting poop on my bed?

My cat has a tendency to jump out of his litterbox and run straight for my bed and jump onto it and many times smears poop on my sheets. He is still a kitten, so i was wondering if there was any way to get him to be neater in his box and not track poop out. HELP Please!
Does he have long hair and it's getting caught? If so, take him to a vet or groomer and have it trimmed.

If he has short hair, I would take him to a vet to be checked... Does he have diarrhea?
I have not heard of this as every cat I know wants to be as clean as possible
If this kitten poops in the sheets try not to feed it too much milk they normally have a fright while cleaning themselves so don't show that you are angry because kittens tend to poop anywhere while showing distress, just be patient and if problem still persists talk to a vet.

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