Adult Cat still hate kitten after 2 months?

I am having problems beside my 4 year old spayed womanly accepting our 4 month old kitten. Our kitten amalgamated our family 2 months ago and the grown is still hissing, growling and lunging at the sight of the kitten. We did the slow gradual introduction, their food and litter is separated (by floors), we endow with them some time together in like peas in a pod space (supervised), try to give the full-grown extra loving (when she'll take it) but zilch seems to work. She is very soon hissing and trying to strike at me - even when I am feeding her. I read where on earth I should try to engage them surrounded by play together but my adult be never the "playful" kind. She of course wants even smaller quantity to do with chasing a orb or playing with a string when the kitten is surrounded by the same room. The fully developed is hostile and aggressive to the people surrounded by the house if she is anywhere but in her "risk-free haven - the basement." When she is down at hand, away from the kitten, she is loving and affectionate. When she is anywhere else, she is aggressive. Help
Answers: Try a Feliway (now called ComfortZone) diffuser and place them throughout the house. It have cat facial pheromones that is suppose to hold a calming effect and lend a hand reduce stress. If that doesn't relieve, you might just hold to keep them separated and impart them time to adjust.
I would suggest keeping her litter box and food in the underground room, since that's where she is most comfortable. And I would allow her to spend adjectives her time in the underground room (unless she comes up on her own. Next I would say spend time surrounded by the basement near her, without the kitten. Basement= kitten free zone, so that you elder cat knows she have her own space. After awhile, your older cat will come upstairs to see you, knowing the kitten will be in attendance. Its very possible that she will never close to the kitten, but she will grow to tolerate him. Also, kittens grow up, and as your kitten grows and mellow, it will likely abate of a strain on your older cat. She a moment ago needs more time. Once she understand that she still has a space specifically all her own, you still love her, and the current kitty is there to stay, she will adopt it. good luck!

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