15 Month and 6 Month ripened womanly cats integrating?

I've got a 15 month himalayan and 6 month prehistoric stray, both female. They've be living together for about 1.5 months immediately. At first they would hiss at each other but immediately they eat together, suspend out on the bed together, and chase each other around. Sometimes their "playing" get rather physical--they wrestle and take hold of each other and return with all wrapped up and next one might get away and lunge again for a up to date grab or one might run away and the other give chase and grabs them and they achieve all tied up again. It looks approaching two wrestlers hug eachother tightly. Is this normal? Should it be driven or discouraged?
Answers: Hi there!

It sounds approaching they are getting along great! The wrestling is totally normal and it can expire in tears sometimes - but it's best to head off them to it! As long as they aren't hissing and arching their backs when war, it is just play.

xx Emmie
This is a moment ago 'normal' cat play. I could sit and watch them do this for hours at a time, as long as no table or furniture gets knock over in the process.
If one get the 'better' of the other, they may 'cool' it, but this is just their track of playing.

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