Advantage Flea vs Hartz?

Does Hartz flea medicice (the Advantage take-off),work as well as the Advantage brand?
I'm debating whether I should even buy it if it's not going to work.I basically dont know how to get ahold of Advantage,and I'm unsure of the price.
Any information you can contribute me about Hartz flea Meds. would be great!

(This is the website of the Hartz stuff I'm chitchat about
Answers: Hi within...Hartz products have be noted as dangerous and hold caused frequent fatalities. See

Advantage, Frontline or Revolution are very effectual at treating flea infestation and much safer. You can purchase these at 1-800 Pet MEDS
Hartz ANYTHING is bad. It's be known do to more wound than good to the animals it's used on. Chemical reaction, side effects, etc.

Use Advantage or Frontline (they are found at your local vet office) It'll cost a little more, but it's worth it.
don't use hartz! i reflect they get their meds mixed up surrounded by their factories(cat and dog). we've had several of our cats die from using hartz.

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