I have a young cat, approximately 4mos. old,, when he sits with us he sucks on our cloths like he is nursing?

my cat is approximately 4 months old, everytime he sits with one of us, he sucks on our clouths, i dont know why he does this or how to make him stop, can anyone help me?
The poor thing was weaned to early. Nothing tp worry about he will out grow it.
Its usually a sign that a cat was weened to early. if it bothers you just shew him away when he starts, my cat does it and I don't care. Its just a closeness thing as if you were there mother. I actually think its cute.
I don't know how to help you but I think it's CUTE ...
It isn't that he is trying to nurse. He is still in the baby phase and he does it for comfort. He will grow out of it.
its possible he was taken away from his mother too early its possible he should still be nursing
Chances are your kitten has not been completely weened, It is very insecure that is why he sucks on your clothes, he will grow out of it in time but there is nothing specific you can do to make him stop.
He'll grow out of it.
its sort of like a human child sucking their thumb...they'll grow out of it. wait till he's one to start weening him.
I work with pets everyday at work he just wants his mom
OK...my cat does the SAME THING with my fav. pillow. he was taken away from his mother too early.
He'll grow out of it...but it'll take a while. Just pet him and let him because punishing him ISN'T THE ANSWER! Then he will just become anti-social.
I think that your cat was seperated from its mother too early, and still feels the urge to suckle.
he probably is. if he is only 4 months old, he prpbably misses his mom. dont have him stop, it will just confuse him. when i got my cats, they did that 2. he will grow out of it!

good luck!
kellie is right my 7 month kitty was weened 2 early and does that 2 its a pain when ur sleeping lol
Perhaps he was taken away from his mother too soon. How did you get the kitten? Was he a rescue kitty or did you get him from someone you knew. Kittens will suck on you for comfort. It is also a sign of trust. They look at you as their "mother." Some cats outgrow and some don't. My mom happens to have a two year old cat that still sucks on the blanket on her bed. You might just have to get used to it.
my dog just turned 7 and he does the same thing but he sucks on blankets i have no idea why but it calms him down
lve had cats that do that and our 4 yr ols one still does it when shes really sooky and happy, l have been told its from taking them away to early but l dont really believe it, also had a rotti dog that did it for 10 years, sorry dont know how to stop them l find it annoying and just push her off when she does it
its a sign that they were weened from their mother too early. i have had a stray cat for 5 years and shes been doing that since the day I got her. It hasn't gone away but she does it less often now.
Sounds like my Bengal Kaidyn. He isn't hurting anything by doing it, it's a comfort and security issue! If you pull him away while he's doing it, he'll keep nursing the air for a few minutes. It's pretty funny. Your kitten was taken away from his mother too early (Kaidyn was because of heath issues with his mom) I tell him NO but don't punish him and then I give him the "you're a big kitty now you don't need to nurse speech! He should outgrow this. kaidyn's sister Kianna did.
I asked the same question a month ago. This is the first kitten I ever had so I wasn't sure what to make of it. Anyway, I was told all sorts of things like he was taken away or weened too early. But I did receive answers stating it was for comfort. That's what I truly believe. My kitten does it all of the time and I think it's very cute. Every night he sits on my bed and sucks away at my blanket. It's very similar to a small child sucking their thumb because it's comforting. When I picked up my kitten, he was already weened from his mother and was eating dry food so I knew that wasn't it. He never did the sucking at his former household. So, I think my kitten just needed to feel comforted and he expresses it that way. So, take it as a compliment that he finds comfort in you.
aaawwww cute! naaw, nothing wrong with that, he just thinks of you as his mother... as he grows up he'll prolly stop sooner or later
It's perfectly normal. Your cat may have been taken away from his mom a little too early and this makes him suckle on fuzzy pillows or if he does it only on your cloth, it's because he feels you are his mom and it's trying to stay close to you.

I have one that does it and he's a year old. I love to see him and I bought him this fuzzy pillow that he grabs on to and he suckles until he falls asleep. It never bothered me and I don't see why it should. It's actually a very sweet thing.

But if it isn't for you, maybe you want to sprinkle a little water on him when he is doing it. Water is a great tool when you wnat to train a cat as long as you don't over do it..
He was probably taken from his mother before 8 weeks old and was still nursing. Some cats use substitutes for security. A comforting needy thing. Don't worry, he'll out grow it.
My cat Freddy is 3 years old and she still will suck on my shirt when I hold her.

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