Why is my cat bringing me inert birds and mice to me?

I have two cats and a kitten.My two cats is other bringing dead mice while my kitten other brings dead mice body.YUCK! it si sooo disgusting!!!my elder sister other argue with me in the order of it .So why is this happening it happen almost everyday....... FAMILY KEEPS REMINDING ME AND GIVING ME WARNING ABOUT IT.......... can you please help me I really don't know.
Answers: That is personality. My cat does exactly the same, mostly mice, sometimes birds (he in reality got a white bird from someone's aviary once!). It is what they would do contained by the wild. They would bring food subsidise for their family. Do not agree to them see you take it as they will probably feel that you have agreed it as a gift and stir and get more. Just dispose of it once they are out of verbs. Not much else you can do, I'm sure your family will get that you have no control over the cats once they are outside. And if they didnt go and get the mice and birds then they would probably be over-weight from need of exercise or destroying the house from boredom.
All cats do it everywhere, i doubt you can stop yours. sorry!
becuse they want to show you what they done just similar to kids do with academy work
Because it loves you, its the cats way of sharing near you, as you provide for it/them.

its normal.

It's their bearing of rewarding you for your kindness to them it's a okay known that cats do this...its ordinary.
It is a present for you, you feed the cat so this is its track of repaying you by giving you something to eat
Its approaching with ferret, ive read, that they bring you mice and creepy crawlys seeking your approval.

Its like a (weird) present, be cheery your cat is sharing!
They are gifts to you - your cats see you as their "master" and therefore you must be treated beside gifts. Most cats do this, there's nothing you can do almost it. My cat brought in a full grown rabbit a few months ago!
Cats are hunters, by humour, and are proud of their catch it is in reality a compliment, when they are showing off their accoplishment beside you. Would'nt you rather hold dead mice than live ones running around anyway?
It's mundane. It's their way of bringing you presents to show you their love. Our cats do it adjectives the time, they especially used to do it when they were little, cats are hugely loving creatures.
Your cats are doing what comes naturally to them, they are bringing you presents, it's what cats do I'm afraid.

I used to own a cat who would bring huge rats and birds home, and bring them in through the catflap, depart them on the stairs and sit next to them looking adjectives proud. Not nice, but you can't punish them for doing what nature intends!
That's what cats do. They love stalking and butchery animals and then bringing them home to their owner - your cats would be expecting you to praise them! Have you notice that once they drop their dead confine, they are purring madly? They mull over they have bought you a nice treat. I know, gross hey? Not much you can do, except seize your cats a collar with two bells on it - most cats can work out how to move so in moderation to stop one bell ringing, but it's harder to stop two. The mice though - not much you can do there. Just try not to agree to them bring their dead confine inside - they might hide it somewhere - phew!
they are bringing you presents, it's impossible to tell apart as giving someone a present because you like/love them. Unfortunately they don't see it as disgusting, they are just showing their love for you. there's not much you can do roughly speaking it. Try and 'accept' their gifts outside might help.

Fortunatley my cat doesn't - but after she is elderly and fat!
she looooves you..my cat brought me rats,mice and a rabbit.i be proud of her i guess,flowers would be nicer.
They are gifts - to their master or alpha fe/male. Its a sign that recognise you as the big cheese!

Ours went through a stage of this. We would calmly (you don't want to frighten them, just tolerate them know) show our displeasure, and made sure we cleaned up well next to things that would take the scent away. She doesn't do it anymore, although she did enjoy another spate of it when our daughter was born - its a resentment thing.
They love you and the limp birds/mice are their 'presents' to you.
You cant stop a cat from doing it, they are natural hunters.
This is your cats opening of showing you respect, that you are the boss.
The cats know that you're a useless hunter, so they're bringing you your lunch! It's also a gift from them to you, you'll find that as soon as you inspect the offering and construct approving noises they'll lose adjectives interest.

You won't stop it and you shouldn't try or they'll get confused and upset, they can't recognize why you're refusing the offering. All you can do is formulate the inspection as soon as possible and dispose of the remains. You do need to keep hold of an eye on it though, one day they'll bring within something alive and if you've ever tried to catch a mouse that's hiding at the rear the fridge you'll know how fraught that can be.

Ours used to being within all sorts of things, birds, rodents, once a toad and on another a bat, how she caught it we never knew, but I thoughtfully took it outside and it flew away again as right as rain!
The answers you own received are, unfortunately, cosy, but anthropormorphic perception from obvious cat lovers who presume the cat is doing it out of love for its owner. They truth of the matter is that they are within fact doing it instinctively.The hunters within the wild butcher to eat and in general eat the decimate where they murder it ( thinkof the Lion and Tiger in the wild) When they hold eaten adjectives they can they either go off it for the scavengers or within some species like the Leopard ; embezzle it somewhere safe similar to the crotch of a tree away from other animals, in charge to enjoy it subsequent. If they have cubs, logically, they take it home. If they hold a permanent home ( as surrounded by the case of the wildcat or lynx) they simply appropriate it home. Which is what your cat is doing..
Cats are natural hunters, so they probably consider it a trophy. The best item you can do to stop it is to say 'NO' totally firmly and remove the dead mouse or bird. However, don't stretch to punishing them by not feed them, as they won't understand.
Is contained by is nature and is giving it to u so u will impart it praise!!For cathcing the animal! i wouldent give it praise!! YUCK!XXGOOD LUCK!!
they are bringing you their capture of the day to share. as you are the foot that feeds them they share near you.
It a present you should thank them
Hi Catherine,
This behaviour is crude for the cats. For them this is just similar to bringing home the shopping! And they want to share it with you of late in overnight case you're hungry!
I suggest that when they bring something, be nice to them and thank them for it. Allow them to eat it because it is righteous for them (it is their natural diet).
Please clear it clear to your family that this is raw cat behaviour that cannot be changed.

You can make smaller the amount of wildlife they kill by restricting the amount of time that you permit them outside. Try providing more indoor amusements like toys, cat climbers and scrape posts and cat grass. Provide them with a litter tray that you save very verbs and well maintain.
Start getting them used to periods indoors. Start by keeping them indoors overnight. See if you can leisurely get them used to spending more time indoors. Be tolerant, if they are desperate to go out, permit them go...
Please preserve us posted how you get on.
best wishes
Your cats are bringing you gifts of appreciation.
You CANNOT DO ANYTHING put praise and thank your little furry kids for their gifts. They do it because they love you and want to show you by giving a present. Humans bequeath chocolate, cats give birds. That's the road it is.
although mavis has closely of relevant points, the other posters are also correctt oo

your cat would not take its food vertebrae to your home if it didnt trust you not to eat it,

it is both within its nature to hunt and surrounded by its nature to protect its food, but how does it know you wont devour it too? you eat meat so it dosnt,
it have to trust you for it to willingly bring its massacre to your home where you can attain to it,
and yes it is its reward and gift to you, not one and only the trust that its showing you, but the food itself is a gift

adjectives you can do is keep removing it after the cat have seen you appreciate its love trust and endowment, dont do it while the cat watches you, it will hurt its feeling and it may start to resent and not trust you.

you enjoy to tell your relatives this is part of existence with an out side cat, so carry used to it, you'll clean it up and thats adjectives you can do and or give you a break its just your fault cats enjoy a wild temper is it!
chirpy has given you the best counsel in my feelings if your family really are anyone too much of a pain nearly it and they wont accept it.
your cats are giving you presents
They cant give a hand it they are bringing you little pressies.
From what I've heard, they usually bring unconscious animals as a symbol of their love and affection towards you. Very strange though!
Your family should try and be more consciousness. What these guys ^ say is right, they are presents. Just be grateful they don't put by them. I found a decaying bird behind the sofa the other week!

>^, ,^<

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