My cat middle label is trouble!?

When I say my cat middle moniker is trouble, I mean that he is trouble. He claws the hearth rug, walls, my wood bench and my bricks on my fire place. He crews everything and jumps up on the table and higher than the fish tank. How can I stop this. I own tried everything I can think of.
Answers: Hi in attendance...cats are instinctively curious and to better train them we need to provide an environment i.e. mentally stimulating for them. Consider first adding a few extra scratch posts/mats with different texture such as cardboard, sisel, carpet and the similar to scratching posts. Some cats are horizontal scratchers whereas others are vertical so be sure to include both.

To prevent counter or table top surfing consider using double-side sticky cassette as cats dislike having their paw stuck to the tape and soon swot to avoid areas that are unpleasant, which is more beneficial than a water bottle squirt since you can't other be there to supervise your cat. Additionally, if nearby are food, dirty dishes on the counters while you are away, it's important to clear past its sell-by date the counters and wash dishes when you are training your cat.

Consider purchasing a waste can that has a closeable lid so that the cat no longer can own access to the contents. This generally is the best alternative to hold on to animals out of the garbage.

To facilitate discourage climbing of curtains and damaging other items consider trimming your cat's nail often and use a glue-on fastener adhesive product call SoftPaws to soften the sharp nail.

Here's an instructional video on how to trim cats claws by Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine for Feline Health:
One thing that help is a cat scratcher. They are made of card board. You sprinkle some catnip on it and then the cat scratch his nails on that. They are available most places that go pet supplies. Here is a picture of what I mean
As for the rest of the behaviors they will grasp a little better as the cat ages.
You can't cats are frisky..adjectives you can do is modify your life around him.I purchased some outdoor runner runner for the hallway's stiff and she loves more regular runner for the fish tank...of late make sure nearby is a cover on it...and the the bench..wrap some carpet around 1 leg.
any other behaviour can be dealt near a water bottle and squirt him when he start doing something on stuff you dont want them to..but variety sure you allow them the space they need..eventually they put 1 and 1 together and merely abuse what you worked for my menace.

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