What are those black things beneath my cat's chin?

They look like blackheads, but are sticking out on the tresses strands/pores all over beneath my cat's chin. She has no fleas. I cleaned it yesterday beside a warm drizzling cloth and soap. Now, they're all backbone. What is causing it? I hold no clue!
Answers: Sounds like a crust of "kiity acne", Hon.
One of the leading cause of this is a reaction to plastic food or sea bowls; I recommend switching to porcelain or stainless steel.
To treat the acne, rub your kitty's chin with a cotton orb dipped in hydrogen peroxide, twice a sunshine. It will probably take a couple of weeks for the acne to disappear, but this be the treatment recommended by my vet when my white cat, Jack, had it. It worked!
try looking at what you're cat enjoy been doing. perchance he's just getting his chin dirty.

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