AKC b*h + Mutt = my Akc no correct anymore?

was told that if a AKC b*h become pregnate by a mutt that future litters would not be considered AKC. If so why?
Answers: Well you be told a old wives narrative. if a dam beside AKC registration did get pregnant by a mutt. They she will hold mutts as pups. This litter cant be registered.

If she is bred at another time to a dog of her same breed than the pups will be pure bred pups and they can be AKC registered only if the sire is also ACK registered. .
Yeah...to be precise just stupid. If you have a child with someone of another see, and then become pregnant with a child from a guy of one and the same race, would it still be mixed??

Each pregnancy starts fresh.

And any litter can ONLY be AKC if BOTH parents are AKC registered.
Wrong, unless the mutt is the father of every litter. I'm not sure why that would fashion sense. She's still purebred, it's just that one litter that isn't going to be, unless this 'mutt' get to her in the adjectives (keep in mind, a litter can own more than one father, so even if she's bred to a purebred, and then this 'mutt' get to her, THOSE puppies wouldn't be acceptable either).

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