After getting fixxed hes sick?

i got my kitten fixxed just about 3 weeks ago he was 7 months antiquated the day i get it around every 2 or 3 days he throws up after eatting it doesn't seem to bug him to progress back to eatting but whats wrong this have been going on since just about 5 days after getting him tryint to avoid going to the vet if possible the vet is alot of money i don't hold right now
Answers: I've be in the veterinary business for 5 years. When pets are neuter or spayed the vet normally sends them home beside pain medication and antibiotics. A lot of twinge medications that your vet sends home can hold adverse affects on pets. Call your doctor and let them know what is going on. They may bestow you a free recheck.
Hmm, is he on any medication? That could be causing him to be sick. If his diet hasn't changed, after there may be something seriously wrong beside him. I hate to articulate it but you may have to thieve him to the vet.. You could call around and see if in attendance are any low cost clinics, sometimes the animal shelters will offer it to you. Good luck.

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