Accidently cut my cat?

I was adjectives a mat off of my cats hindmost, she is 21 years old, and I accidently cut past its sell-by date the top layer of skin. The wound is in the order of 1 inch and it did bleed but I have gotten it to stop. She is 21 years outmoded and I know she won't survive a trip to the vet. I put neosporin on it, and I tried to put a bandage on it, but she won't hang on to it on. What shpuld I do I did take a pretty big chunk out
Answers: How on soil has this cat lived this long beside such an irresponsible owner? If you'd COMBED her coat she wouldn't have have mats. And afterwards what were you doing? Chopping them out beside a knife? The cat "won't survive a trip to the vet" - but it will survive bleeding to disappearance? Fact is, you don't WANT to take the cat to the vet because you don't want to bother paying a vet bill. You gross me SICK!!
You're going to have to risk a vet stop by; she's more likely to survive that than an infection.

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