A couple question on my cats and litter?

1. My cats kinda stress over the amount of litter in the box. If you put within a little bit smaller amount than usual, they seem to spaz out. but if you put contained by more than that, they fing it EVERYWHERE!! anyone know a cure ot that habbit?

2. Is there a cat litter that stinks smaller quantity when you scoop it?
Answers: I enjoy one cat who flings litter everywhere, covered boxes were the answer.
I hold found the least stinky litters to be Fresh Step and Special Kitty Crystals Blend.
I don't know what to do almost the cats freaking out about the amount of litter, except perchance suggest getting a litter box with a cover.

As for the litter itself, I use Tidy cats Multiple Cats. I hold used it for the past two years and it have been fine. i also enjoy an electric kitty litter box and it has be great for smells. They can run a lot, but I found that it is worth it for me.
put them surrounded by an enclosed box...i use tidy cats i dont smell a item...

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