2 kittens...can`t bear respectively other! Advice!?

So, i adopted two kittens from the RSPCA.
They're from like litter and are brothers.
The thing is, one of them (morris) wasj poorly so stayed at the RSPCA for an extra 2 weeks, when the other (Bo) be allowed home with us so.
So, Bo have had our undivided attention for olden times 2 weeks thinking all his toys are his and the house is his etc.
Today we bring Morris home...and they HATE respectively other.
When they were at the RSPCA, they be kept in seperate cage...so i don't think they know respectively other.

There's another problem.
They're both 10wks old but Bo is a bigger kitten, at tiniest twice the size. I think Morris must enjoy been the runt of the litter because he is tiny.
So everytime Bo see Morris, his backs raise and he attack him with his claws and Morris is frightened of him.
Since we brought Morris home (about 6 or 8 hrs ago) Bo have not been playing..right in a minute Bo is chasing Morris around the room!
Answers: Put them both in a small box together. LOL
Don't win too excited about it right presently. It will take time for them to adjust and you will enjoy to monitor their interactions for a while and protect Morris from his bully brother.

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