Adopted 12 y/o tabby cat. his fur is literally falling out surrounded by chunks!?

I adopted 12 y/o black tabby cat that be living in a foggy dry basement. He is adjust pretty well to my home including 2 other cats. He is relieved, good appetite, plays, and appears clean. Thing is, his black fur is falling out in chunks from adjectives over his body. He has no sore, unambiguous areas, doesn't excessively groom, and appears healthy (no drainage/ discharge from nose/ eyes). ?
I am thinking its allergies. Any thoughts
Answers: You are so awesome to adpot that elder cat!

I agree with the other citizens who posted information. Call your vet.
I agree with you and it is most feasible the food and you are most likely feed all your cats dry foods. Canned foods short corn or gluten would be much better and if you coulod afford premium, without any grain at all would be better for adjectives your cats

Nutrition since there are so abundant bad things out near is very critical to your cat’s health
Contrary to what you may own heard; dry foods are not a great article to feed a cat.
Please read the sign on what you are feeding? What are the ingredients? Do you know what they tight? Is the first ingrdiant a muscle meat like chicken or feast or other things?
Dry foods are the number 1 cause of diabetes surrounded by cats as well as mortal a huge contributing factor to kidney disease, obesity, crystals, u.t.i’s and a host of other problems. Food allergies are highly common when feed dry foods. Rashes, scabs behind the tail and on the chin are adjectives symptoms
The problems associated with Dry food is that they are loaded near carbohydrates which many cats (carnivores) cannot process them. Also, Most of the moisture a cat requirements is suppose to be in the food but contained by
Dry, 95% of it is zapped out of dry foods in the processing. Another item, most use horrible ingredients and don't use a muscle meat as the primary ingredient and use vegetable based protein versus animal. Not appropriate for an animal that has to put away meat to survive.
You want to pick a canned food w/o gravy (gravy=carbs) that uses a muscle meat as the first ingredient and doesn't enjoy corn at least surrounded by the first 3 ingredients if at all. Fancy gala is a middle grade food next to 9lives, friskies whiskas lower grade can and wellness and merrick upper grade human element foods. Also, dry food is not proven to be better for teeth. Does a hard pretzel verbs your teeth or do pieces of it get stuck?

Please read give or take a few cat nutrition.
Bring him to the vet. Could be medical, could be psychological. You want to be sure, if it is medical, that it is contagious and you or your other pets can't get it. Please, bring him contained by.

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