7 month infirm cat tooth problems?

I have 3 six month antediluvian kittens, going on 7 months. The mom and dad are still here. All inside onliny.

The past day-two he hasn't be eating or drinking much. I really notice it this morning. He would walk up to his bowls but humane of lick around but i never heard him crunch his food or knees the water. Then he'd amble away. I finally wrapped him up in a towl so he wouldn't claw me next checked his teeth.

I took my finger, pressed it on his chin like he be biting down. He opened his mouth existing fast and started licking close to it hurt bad. I after opened his mouth and it looks close to his teeth next to his top front fang are coming in .
does that nouns correct?

I checked the other 2 kittens, his brother and sister, their teeth next to their front fang are also coming in but i haven't see any problems from them. They act in recent times fine.

Any info would be greatly appreciated.
Answers: I would wait to see what happen, before taking him to the vet. I enjoy a cat who had tooth problems, and he started drooling and holding his mouth unfurl. This little one doesn't seem to be doing that and I would suspect some pain associated with the trial teeth. Give him soft food, and have hose down always available. I would be surprised if it be anything too serious.
The dry food may be too hard for him- try count a little wet to his food and see how that goes. Try can kitten food once a day. It will comfort hydrate him.

Pinch his neck and see if the skin springs support right away. If it does, he's OK. If it doesn't, you need to walk to the doctor right away- he is dehydrated and it cannot linger even an hour.

Good luck- I did that too, running to the vet for everything. That cat is 12 now, and I know for a time more than I did then.

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