Am i feed my kitten too much?

well my kitten is 8-9 months matured, i got her on a great diet near only the best premium kitten foods.
i come up with she has put on some immensity latley tho.
just involve to know if im feeding her too much
i get her on a diet of wet can food and dry food.
every day i offer her 3 oz of wet felidae kitten food and a partly cup of dry wellness core food to graze on during the day.

she does get through all her dry food up as economically as the wet food. she really loves this stuff and cant receive enough of it. i did make out today her stool was a bit loose. also her poop is strong smelling. the wellness core and the wet food enjoy a very elevated protein percentage (needed for kittens) i think thats why the smell is so strong.

the food is adjectives top of the line stuff, her coat is unbelieveably shiney and she have so much energy and spunk i hold no problem with spending extra money.

freshly want to make sure im not feed her too much, i am going off what the shoulder bag of wellness says to nurture a kitten at her age.
Answers: Although wellness is a gtreat brand, The dry is not so hot and there is no grounds for it or any dry food to be fed. Tjhat is where on earth your problem lies. Leave the canned out adjectives day, it is fine even if it dries out a bit

Nutrition since here are so many discouraging things out there is unbelievably important to your cat’s condition
Contrary to what you may have hear; dry foods are not a great thing to nurture a cat.
Please read the label on what you are feed? What are the ingredients? Do you know what they mean? Is the first ingrdiant a muscle meat close to chicken or meal or other things?
Dry foods are the number 1 incentive of diabetes in cats as in good health as being a huge contributing factor to kidney disease, tubbiness, crystals, u.t.i’s and a host of other problems. Food allergies are very adjectives when feeding dry foods. Rashes, scabs astern the tail and on the chin are all symptoms
The problems associated near Dry food is that they are loaded with carbohydrates which tons cats (carnivores) cannot process them. Also, Most of the moisture a cat needs is suppose to be contained by the food but in
Dry, 95% of it is zapped out of dry foods contained by the processing. Another thing, most use horrible ingredients and don't use a muscle meat as the primary ingredient and use vegetable base protein versus animal. Not good for an animal that have to eat meat to survive.
You want to pick a can food w/o gravy (gravy=carbs) that uses a muscle meat as the first ingredient and doesn't have corn at lowest in the first 3 ingredients if at adjectives. Fancy feast is a middle level food with 9lives, friskies whiskas lower class canned and wellness and merrick upper status human quality foods. Also, dry food is not proven to be better for teeth. Does a tough pretzel clean your teeth or do pieces of it get hold of stuck?

Please read about cat nutrition.
u know too much is too desperate

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