Animal lovers!! Please read this! OMG!?

Mars the chocolate making company had funded theory test on animals CRUELLY!! Isn't this just upset?
Answers: This makes me sick, but in attendance is so much more and worse testing going on for diverse companies every day within the US that no one ever hear about.
Pharmaceutical companies, working manufacturer's, the Army and Navy,etc. etc. You would have to bring back rid of just roughly speaking everything in your house and live within isolation if you didn't want to, in some track, be an innocent party of animal cruelty. It's distressed. In my youth, I was assigned to the Army Institute of Research. Although I never worked directly next to the animals, I know of awful experiments that went on near monkies, sheep, pigs, rats, cats, mice and dogs. To me, slitting a cows throat for human consumption is cruel. Unfortunately, animals have and other will be abused by humans.
OMG! that was my favortie candy to im never drinking candy again!

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