Affectionate kitten??

My 6mnth old feminine kitten that I just get last week is so affectionate I love her and she is so great but I be wondering if maybe I am mistakeing her affection for something else When I meander in the room she runs up jump on my shoulder and rubs her head contained by such a sweet way against my head/face It is the cutest but is that a bearing they show affection or is more likely something else (my 7 mnth older male kitten who we have first and as very batty at me for getting him what i thought would be a companion he is not affectionate at all really so i am not sure if i.e. normal) Also she had ear ites when she be brought in to the shelter but they get rid of them her rubbing her head on me (and ears) is not a sign of them coming hindmost right? Also she is very tiny for her age but she be also sick as a baby near a bad cold and pink eye and even a heart murmur but they said she be ok now we freshly have to give somebody a lift her for another ecko in a few mnths & she have been intake so much lately is that normal
Answers: She's afraid you'll move her. It'll get better as her confidence grows. Just love and carefulness for her. She just become you're best freind. Merry Christmas from Brian&Stimpy
she love you

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