What is your cat's name?

gender, and what color?
2 kitties. Edy, girl, creme/blonde color. Teedith marie is her nick name. and Oliver, boy, orange and some white. Rooski roo is his nick name :)
shes a girl, and shes a grayish color, with dark stripes
kinda like a tabby cat
Marylin Monroe, she is white with gray patches, and has a black freckle next to her nose.
princess, female, grey tabby
Lily is a tuxedo kitty - mostly black with a white chin, chest and belly, and one little white knee. Abbie is grey and black striped, and I swear she's half raccoon!
Cali. A female calico cat
Garfield SheMale Transparent
angel winter cally
Dixiy- black and white
Maggy- black
I have 3: Abby - female, persian, orange/red
Meeko - male, persian, gray/silver
Oreo - female, looks like a miniture cow
HER name is Tammy fay, she's a calico Himalayan. i named her that because of the heavy orange over her eyes and lips.
Kuzco, he's a black tabby with a white belly and white paws
Biggie De'Ville. He is the Cadillac of cats.
Her name is Lulu and she's a black Persian.meow!
My cats name is pounce! She is a toirtoisshell she is brown black white and ginger! I her so much!
Tigger Female Mix Colors
Stewart (boy) and scooter mopofu (girl)
Well there is Princess, she is a tortoiseshell, Missy her sister also a tortoiseshell, Barrito, tuxedo, Garfield, orange tabby, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Grey Long hair, and Chiro, a black cat, I had a grey tabby named molly but she disappeared so I call her daughter that looks like her Molly Jr. or Mini Molly.
Tabby,orange and peach stripes,female
gia, female and she's an orange tabby
1)grey:Bandit *male*2)grey:Smokey *female* 3)calico:Hiccup*male*
4)white&grey:Oliver*male 5)brown:Cricket *male* 6)siamese:Moonlight *female* 7)brown:Cupcake *female* 8)brown:Cloe *female*

1,4 are my cats now. 2,3,5,8 are cats I used to have. And 6,7 are my friends cats.
I have a beautiful black bombay female cat. Her name is "Mama". Her coat is shiney, she is everything a bombay cat is! We just got another, I am not sure what kind, though he is very cuddley. So, we call him ..."Cuddy". Take Care.
I have 4 cats,

Peaches, female tortoise shell calico.
Luchy, Male gray and white
Frisky, female tortoise shell calico
Sable, female looks like a bob cat.
I have a calico (female obviously) named penelope jezebel LOL P.J for short and an orange tabby (male obviously) named Oliver Valentine, Ollie for short.
f-black w/ white spot on her throat-snowflake
how 'bout you?
His name is Max and has long fur that's grey. He's 7 years old and I've had him since he was 3 months old. Every day when I come home from school, he's waiting just inside the door for me, so I can snuggle with him. :)
Oreo (female tuxedo spayed saved humane society)
Kendall (male longhaired neutered male saved humane society)
they came with these names so instead of confusing them we kept them , Oreo has a stripe up her face , like a skunk , but kind of a keyhole pattern up to the top of her head from her tuxedo
I have 4:
CoCo, Tiger, Lucky, and Jasper.
The first 3 are female, Jasper's the only male. Poor guy.
CoCo - Longhair. Mottled brown with a cute white belly, and half of her nose bridge is white.
Tiger - Shorthair. Speckled browns and black.
Lucky - Shorthair. Gray all over except for bits of belly and bottoms of legs, which are a fluffy heather brown.
Jasper - Longhair. Grey Ragdoll, dark grey ears and tail, lighter face, and even lighter body and tummy.
=) I love them so.

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