Do Cats hate sneezing?

My cat makes a sort of cackling noise if I sneeze or sniff loudly! Why would she do this?
I've never had that problem with my cat, it seems like a lot of others do, I think it sounds cute. I would like to hear the 'cackle' you speak of. LOL. If I sneeze loudly my cat just goes into the 'gonna run at any minute' pose, then relaxes again.
My kitten also does this, I've come up with two thoughts, 1: The cat is worried about you. 2: The cat doesn't know what it is and/or the sound hurts the cats ears.
My cat sneezes like 10 times a day, he makes that noise all the time. I think it's the kitten's ACH-OOO! ^_^ SO cute
I've always had cats and sneezing seem to bug all of them. It must startle them or hurt their ears. Maybe if it's a big sneeze, they are of afraid of getting wet! :)
She's basically telling you to stop bothering her with the noise. That's kinda funny, I love cats and their weird ways. I have 3. I have one who LOVES Poland Spring water bottle cases, like the 24 packs. He waits til its almost empty and will crawl inside under the plastic and hang out for hours. He will not accept any other brands. I'll send you a pic of that if you want to share your full email address. Although I don't blame you, not knowing me, if you don't.
Your cat could be asking you what you're doing when you sneeze, too, being worried about you. I would pet her after to reassure her.
Hi Peapod
Your cat may have some unwanted hair up her nose, When she sneeze's its only moving it around, Damp some kitchen paper and squeeze it gentley around her nose, she may not like or let you but give it a go. Just to help her
cats always hate loud, unexpected sounds around them, it catches them off guard and the reaction is just instinctual and a predetermined. A loud sniff sounds like a hiss almost to them.etc. just try to sneeze away from your
maybe she is just startled at the sudden and unexpected noise?
i think when u sneeze in front of a cat, they think u are yelling at them.they dont know the cat meows that little meow when he's scared when i happen to sneeze by accident in front of him..
I have allergies and sneeze all the time. My cats don't seem to mind the sneezing, they only mind if I startle them.
so cute..shes jus like mine..i guess its an unusual sound coming from the humans n it kinda startle them.
Maybe she's laughing at you.
maybe you startled her.
cats hear sounds much differently than humans and they can hear much higher frequencies than we can. a sneeze is annoying to a cat like a noise that annoys a person
My cat doesn't pay that much attention unless he's doing a little "lap-time".then his eyes get big and he tries to get close to my face..I guess to see where the sound comes from.
One of my cats hates it when you sneeze and comes up to offer comfort. The other is not bothered at all. I think it just gives some cats a bit of a shock as it is an unexpected noise.
maybe your cat does this because she thinks that you are the dominate one and she is looking up to you and folling your actions its very normal.
my cat sneezes all the time drives me bonckers
u cant tell unless ur a cat

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