Cat hairballs - is it normal for my cat to be sick when trying to bring up hairballs?

My cat has got hairballs. He's been eating grass to make himself sick, i think this is so he could get the hairballs up. Last night he was sick a few times and there was grass (not surprisingly) and hair in his sick.
Is it normal for a cat to be sick to get hairballs up? I thought they just coughed them up.
I've been giving him katalax which I got from the vet, but should I take him to the vet?
when a cat or dog eats grass, it usually is because they have something in theyre stomache that is making them feel sick of causing them pain/ discomfort, and maybe your cat has problems throwing up hairballs on its own so it eats grass, ive seen it happen before, its not a new concept, so dont worry too much. you shoulsd switch your cat over to hairball control food gradually, and bring it to the vet asap to discuss all the possible options if that does not work, my cat used to eat grass then throw up in his hairball sicks too, but it went away in a month and a half to two months because we gradually switched him to hairball controll food and meds. now hes fine. so dont stress to much.

good luck!hope i was helpfull!
My cat certainly used to be sick when bringing them up and that was quite normal for him.
My cat is always sick when bringing up his furballs!!
Yes. They do sell a hairball laxative to help them pass naturally and most cats love the taste.
If you imagine swallowing anything big and tickly, then trying to get it back up, it's gonna hit your spew trigger. Same deal with cats. My cat likes to throw up when it's furball time. Shame he likes to do it inside and not out :-(
Yes, this is normal. Try adding a bit of fish oil to his food, makes the hair come up easier, and helps stop it from getting caught in his throat. We put a bit of oil in our cats food for this purpose. Not much, just a splash once every day or two. Any edible oil will do.
How often do you brush your cat? You can help him with grooming by brushing him every day. That way, he will ingest less hair. How long have you been giving him katalax? It probably needs time to work in his system.

Cats do vomit hairballs. If it's a large enough size of a hairball, it can make the cat very uncomfortable.
This is a normal pattern of behaviour in cats so there is no need to visit the vet
Dont need to take him to the vet, as long as he gets the fish oil juices to drink, say out of a tin of sardines he should be fine. try that out & see how you go...
yes 'fraid so
take him to the vet if he's bring up food
they should be bringing up the ball and mucus
Thats a good idea, take him along to your vet for a check up, just to make sure theres nothing nasty going on. Its perfectly normal for cats to vomit in order to get the hairball up, thats why he's eating grass, its their natural medicine. I'm sure everythings ok but a check up wouldn't hurt. Good luck.
yea my cat is always sick when she brings up hairballs, but she is scared of puking so as she is doing it she starts backing away and then you end up with long lines of puke its gross to watch, then when she is done she always cries and comes for a cuddle

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