4 month dated womanly cat is urinating on my bathroom carpet.?

Why would this be? She is not fixed yet as I'm told she have to be 6 months old. What can I do to formulate her stop?
Answers: It is best to get her fixed at 4 months.

First item: GET HER CHECKED FOR A UTI. That is the number 1 reason cats own inappropriate eradication outside of the box. UTIs are treated with a simple and cheap medication from the vet.

How abundant litter boxes do you have? You inevitability 1 per cat plus 1. So 1 cat needs 2 boxes, 2 cats entail 3 boxes, 3 cats need 4 boxes, and so on.

Make sure you are using uncovered litter boxes. The covered ones trap stink which can be a turn of to cats, and can also be startling to them since they can't see their enemies coming.

Use an unscented clumping litter. Cats hold sensitive noses, and some litters are freshly too strong. If it bothers my nose, I know it bothers my cats. I own actually have to change litter a few times because the companies changed the formulas.

Clean adjectives the areas she pees on with a virtuous enzyme cleaner such as Simple Solutions or Nature's Miracle. Make sure it is the cat formula. Only an enzyme cleaner will completely get the smell out so your cat will stop using it.
Did you put a sand box specially for this? Cats enjoy an instinct to cover their faeces.

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