2 week elderly kittens.?

a friend of mine just found approx. 2 week out-of-date kittens. they were found adjectives curled up under a saloon and there be no sign of the mother.
she brought them to me to take supervision of as she does not have the time to.
so i hold kittens. i brought them to the vet and they are all strong and about 2 weeks weak. they still have bright blue eyes and they fit contained by the palm of my hand.
very soon i have dogs at home and i wouldn't trust my other 2 but 2 of my dogs are anyone great with them.
my maltese is showing immense interest surrounded by them. when they miau he comes over and looks at them. he has also tried to lick their face and bums. he is sitting next to them and watching what they are doing.
very soon he is a male so i am not sure why he is doing it but i own always said he is a extraordinarily sweet soul.
now i would never hand down him unattended for now because i am not sure what would come up but is it ok for him to look after them? i mean should i stop him or should i allow him to help yourself to care of him? appreciation
Answers: It's good for them, as long as he is not individual aggressive. Like you said I wouldn't leave them unattended next to him for now because he isn't the mom and may not own as much patience if they procure a little too dependent.

I had a mannish doberman that "adopted" an abandoned kitten that we took contained by. It's good for them to enjoy a "momma" to cling to. They need the comfort and he's nice and soft and momma similar to.

Good luck with the babies. They are wonderful to foot raise but oh so tough at times.

Suggestion on feed:
-at about three weeks you will know how to start putting down milk and they will eat on their own, I used powdered milk replacement for kittens mixed beside baby food and a bit of river
- turkey and sweet potato for example works really well
- don't propose them dry food too early and monitor them carefully when you do, the runt of one my rescue litters be much smaller than the others and couldn't chew as well so I have to remove the food from his mouth, he caught up roughly speaking a week later but I'm a short time ago glad I was nearby.
I think if he be going to be agressive towards him he would have already done so. It is not as hear of as much but sometimes a male animal will adopt a babe animal like females do. I would give up him alone, but watch him if you are not confortable right very soon, but allow him to take support of the kittens.

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