Alll of you who own a cat!!!!?

ok, I have not be able to find my cat. the ultimate time i saw her was final night and we own looked for her all daytime. she is not inside the house! we have put out tuna and salmon aroudn our house. any other concept to find her. we have made signs and she is microchipped? wat do you suggest to aid us find her!
Answers: Ask all your neighbors beside sheds and garages to check. Sometimes the cat will sneak in while they are taking out the snowblower, or pulling within their car, later they hide contained by the back and the door get closed on them before they attain out. Also check all your own closets and cabinet (I took a bowl out of a cabinet, got some milk, closed the cabinet, and SURPRISE! my girlfriend's cat be "missing" he snuck in and stayed at hand for half an hour beforehand meowing got him "saved"). And openly follow the other suggestions about contacting the vet, and putting up flyers.
Make use of that microchip to find her.

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