A few flakes is that a problem?

I have three indoor cats which i love an survive. One of my cats has have a very mild valise of drandruff. Mild meaning that the one and only time i notice dandruff is when i brush him a couple flakes show up contained by the cat brush. As far as diet, he easily is the most non finicky eater of adjectives three and is happy next to whatever I nurture him. Also coincidently I never see him scrathing himself. My question is, are a few flakes ok, or do you construe it could be more serious??
Answers: a few flakes are fine, although it may get somewhat worse now that it's winter because their skin get dry, just similar to ours.
If it's just a few, that should be fine.

Make sure you are feed high part cat food. Both hard food and soft food is worthy and nutritious.

If it seems to win worse, get a appropriate conditioning/moisturizing shampoo and wash the cat. Yes, it will be difficult, but it will revitalize the skin.
Any more worse, and a vet look in is needed.
Try bathing him (I know that sounds terrible but I do it adjectives the time and my cats have gotten used to it) contained by a moisturizing shampoo. If the condition gets worse or his spine starts to dry out because of it, it could be hot spots. My dog has those and they put on the market a shampoo for it in Walmart. But don't use it on him unless i.e. what the vet says he have. I don't think you hold anything to worry in the order of though. He'll let you know if it's a problem for him. :D

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