6 month dated kitten sick after fish/shrimp?

My 6 month old kitten ate a small piece of shrimp and a small piece of fish yesterday during Christmas eve dinner. Later on finishing night he started becoming skiddish and would stay away from empire, including me which is strange because he always comes right up to me (I'm his mom!). As the hours of darkness went on he wouldn't agree to me pet him.. when I would try, he would duck his head away and his ears would budge back. I own never seen this behavior within him before.. he's other VERY friendly and VERY happy. As I be wondering what it could have be, he vomited a small amount of yellow solution. I am assuming this was because of the seafood, as he have never eaten anything besides kitten chow and the occasional small piece of lunch meat, but because it's Christmas, my vet is not surrounded by for a few days. Should I watch him closely or should I hope medical help for him? I'm a completely worried mommy! Thanks to anyone taking the time to answer.
Answers: It is unusual for cats to get sick on something approaching fish or shrimp, but I guess it can happen if the cat is unfamiliar to it. It is more likely that someone feed the something else that did not agree with him, the food be spoiled and it is just a coincidence.
In any event, vomiting fluid is a sign of upset stomach. Maybe it is only a temporary situation and the cat will be fund to normal. If you can't take to the vets for a few days, you can treat upset stomach near 1/4 tablet of regular 10mg Pepsid AC (not Pepsid Complete or Extra Strength). 1/4 tablet is the maximum dosage and should help near the upset stomach. Famotidine is the generic version.
Keep an eye on kitty.
Where near lots of things going on yesterday? Lots of people? It sounds more resembling stress to me than a reaction to the shrimp or fish. The vomitting could also be cause by stress, and yellow vomit is usually a sign that his stomach is relinquish, another sign that he might be upset.

If he's not lethargic and doesn't appear to have any allergic reaction (difficulties breathing, rashes etc.), I would put him surrounded by a quiet room near access to his cat litter, food and plenty of fresh water, and otherwise lately watch him closely. Check his stool and check if he vomits again (prolonged loose stool and/or repeated vomitting way you need to beckon a vet).

All the best with him. Remember, the individuals answering have not see your cat and do not know him the way you do, so do not to follow the proposal you get on here blindly and other use your best judgement and common sense.

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