My dog grabbed the runt of my kittens it hasn't drank for 2 days is it still alive? please help me?

Call the vet. The kitten could have suffered internal injuries and it could be in serious condition. It's best to call the vet NOW -- or else you may never know the truth, and the kitten might not get better (and die). Best to be safe than sorry. And keep the dog away from the kittens!
check to make sure she is breathing pinch her skin and if it stays up then she is dehydrated and should be brought to the vet other wise try to bottle feed her.
I had a case very similar to this my dog took one of my cats newborn kittens. I was extremely worried. Then about a week later i found out that she was nursing the kitten and the kitten was unharmed. So I would keep a close eye out on your dogs to see places that she keeps on going. You could be surprised and find her nursing the kitten.
aww poor kitty..stupid dog
take her to the vet to make sure

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