10 week aged kitten beside possible cold?

I found an abandoned kitten at around 2 days prehistoric. He just go in at 9 weeks of age for his first series of shots and vet reported he be doing great. Christmas Eve day he started breathing tricky and heavy and have raspy sound when I put my ear to his body. He have no energy, did not put away but urinated. We were out of town, couldn't find an depart vet. Next day he be eating, drinking wet, defecating (solid, not runny). Breathing still seems lashing and not as much energy as up to that time but doing much better. We have an appt. beside vet tomorrow but before I walk I need to know what to expect formerly I go surrounded by. Any ideas?
Answers: Sounds approaching you have done the best entry for him for now. It may be a respiratory infection. if to be precise the case you'll carry some pills or liquid that you will hold to give him. If he is feeble enough for the pills I other take that way out. The liquid meds a messy and most of it get on you and the cat rather after in the cat. For presently keep doing what you are. Monitor him and preserve him away from the others so that he can rest and doesn't pass the infection on.
could be kennel cough. it's not a cold but it can enjoy symptoms like one. usually of late a cough and low energy. that's my guess anyway. suitable luck at the vet!

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