Adopting 2 Kittens Home Visit What To Expect?

I filled out a form for 2 kittens at Petsmart (two brothers, one is anti-social and I couldn't separate them). The woman is coming for a home pop in tonight to see my house. My apt. is clean and everything, but I considered necessary to know what she would be looking for that might keep me from human being able to adopt them (too abundant wires, etc.) I'm nervous but I want them soo much and I guess I have need of some reassurance...(I'm not a crazy cat-killer had cats adjectives my life, these will be my first two on my own)
Answers: OK...

Make sure at hand are no tangles of wires around that the kittens might bite.

Tell the female where you would put the litter box, food, bed, ect.

Make sure that in that are NO delicate items on desks/places the kittens can rear on and reach.

This may appear a little silly, but works. Get down on adjectives fours and pretend you are a kitten. Crawl around your apartment and see what a kitten can reach and bite/get into. Move some things around if essential to make the place more comfortable for the kittens.

Well, that's it! Reamember to shower the kittens beside love and TLC ( Tender Lovin' Care. )

Best of luck to you and your new BFFF 's ! ( Best Feline Friends 'Fur'ever! )

you might try to bundle the wires up as kittens will try to chew on the wires

I have a cat who got dishevelled in a cord and who tried to chew the cord and died from electrocution

adopters look for whether the house is verbs, not cluttered and will be a good environment for the cat to grow up surrounded by

they also look to see if kitty will be safe

I hold 3 cats. all be strays and they are all loved and jovial

good luck !
basicly no unequivocal wires, possable 1 or 2 cat beds, (and here's something cool and creative) purloin a tubawere container (one of those huge one's about 3-4 foot long, cut a hole on one side, (like a doggy dog) and fill the undamaged thing next to kitty litterso it's kinda like a walk-in litter box

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