Allergic to some cats but not adjectives?

I am allergic to some cats but not all. Had a cat for a few years never bothered me unless it rubbed it's jowl against my skin. I've been around other cats (in friend's homes) and have an almost immediate counterattack (and severe). My kids want a cat. What can I do? Any way to describe if I will be allergic to a cat?
Answers: I see you're getting many conflicting responses, so I guess I'll make the addition of mine to the mix. I have hear that what people are allergic to is cat's dander (which I guess is a nice little flaky soup of departed skin cells, pelt and spit) which floats around in the upper air, lands and sticks wherever. This dander differs from cat to cat because of their varying chemical make-ups. Therefore, you could be massively allergic to one cat and not so much to another.
My boyfriend is a prime example of this. Our cat, an orange, short-haired nouns cat stray, can sleep on my boyfriends pillow and there will be zilch reaction. Then we waddle into my mother's immaculately clean house containing one long haired red stray cat and he immediately get stuffed up and starts coughing.
Perhaps you could ask the shelter for a 1 week test run next to a cat after you explain your situation.
My sister in tenet has one and the same problem. It has to do near the texture of the fur. The first step would be to find out which type of fur you have an allergy to, coarse fur or fine, long spine or short. Once you figure that out, you can adopt suitably. Start by ruling out cats like your friends enjoy, determine the fur type and choose a cat with different fur.
Hope this help.

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