5 year outdated masculine cat next to clear shoulder throbbing?

Simba, my 5 year old babe-in-arms has not be weight deportment on his right front paw in a couple days. We own a vet appointment tomorrow. Any ideas as to what cause it. I have 2 other cats Shadow is 3 and Gizmo is simply 1 and has be acting lately like he requests the "alpha" spot and Simba isnt giving it up. Do you think that the 1 year infirm could have injured Simba?
Answers: If Simba be bitten by one of your other cats then he could hold an abcess which the vet will treat with antibiotic.

Simba could extremely easily own fallen during a tussle and sprained a ligament contained by his leg or shoulder. Those can take a long time to restore to health.
Cats play and fight as a channel of life - it's other possible that one of the other cats could have cause the injury but it depends on where the actual problem is. If the cat is not carriage any weight on the paw/leg the smash up could be in the shoulder clear down to the paw. It could even be within the back. So glad that you are taking him to a vet as that is to say probably the best. I'm assuming that Simba doesn't have any marked signs of wounds etc that you can see? No swelling on the leg or paw? if that is the grip a pulled muscle or dislocated joint is a fitting bet. He could have simply jump down and landed wrong or any number of things that didn't involve another cat as the produce. Good luck to you and Simba!!

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