7month ripened cat stopped using litter tray?

I have 2 cats, both housetrained. Since we moved house 2 months ago, my 7month outdated ginger tom has started occasionally pooing on the kitchen floor instead of the litter tray, even when the litter tray is clean/just be changed.
I can't figure out why he's doing it or how to stop him.
Ive notice when he is in the litter tray ( its one beside a hood on), when he's finished he'll come running out really fast approaching something is chasing him? I can't figure him out lol.
Any proposal?
Answers: first off any deviant change surrounded by litter habits could expect alot

1. health issues

2. dislike of litter or type of box


4. spite

5. high-ranking traffic area
first rotten send your kitty to the vet to clear sure kitty gets a checkup and a verbs bill of health.

if kitty is vigorous try removing the hood off and/or and try up to date litter from time to time but dont switch too often

and find a honourable non cramped quiet location away from the food bowl.

hand over kitty plenty of tender loving care no concern how mad you are at kitty.

since you enjoy you two cats i also reccomend two boxes because two cats need two toilets of nearby own.
I have like peas in a pod problem with my masculine cat Lucky. He goes right subsequent to the litter box only once a morning. The rest of the time he goes contained by the box. And its weird create its only surrounded by the mornings when I wake up and start moving around the house or right after I receive home in the afternoons. I hear that cats consider it a present of some sort (Totally disgusting present) but thats why they do it. Also if he is a male and you enjoy a female cat he might not want to be useing indistinguishable box as the female anymore. As contained by my case I enjoy one male and three females. Advice that I hold gotten was rub their antenna in it (Like you would a dog) and put them into the box. (It hasent worked all the same on my cat though) Hope this helps. Good luck,

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