After not long have my cat declawed...?

well in actuality it was resembling a couple of months ago... but anyway he has be walking around and favoring his left paw we don't know why. He doesn't step with a drooping unless he has be asleep for and long time and just woke up. he have been siting on his hindlegs not putting and pressure on his front paw. but mainly when he lately sits in place he lift up his left paw and simply dangles it within.
for about 2 months after he be declawed he was fine and didn't respond to not have claws he was still an entergetic cat (and still is) exceedingly very loving and other has be. but he always favors his not here paw and sits on his hindlegs. does anyone know why he's doing this? or if it just feel weird to not hold claws... don't give me stupid answers involving animal name-calling and blah blah blah getting infected cat scratches hurt approaching hell ok?
Answers: How was your cat declawed? Was it a surgical excision or be nail trimmers used. Sometimes it depends on the method of declawing. Usually the surgical excision is the best and will take the required anatomy removed thoroughly. The nail trimmers would be the worse of the 2 because they sometimes insufficiency the thoroughness needed for the procedure. With this said, if the entire anatomy of the claw is not removed they can regrow remnants of the claw and they need to be redo unfortunately. It's close to having an ingrown toenail and it hurts. Another basis maybe that he have too much activity after the procedure for jump, running and playing using his feet too much. Even though they don't way of walking on their tip toes, using their feet too much be ripping and running through the house as okay as jumping up and down stale of furniture and counter tops. All of these activities encumber the healing process. They own essentially had a chunk of their paw amputated, involving bone, and it takes awhile for complete restorative. Even though they may act as if nought is wrong they still need time to treat and heal properly. The acting as if zilch is wrong is a survival instinct. The instinct of showing the ability to survive otherwise they could train up as a meal for someone else. suggestion is to enjoy him re-examined by your veterinarian to make sure in that is no infection from returning to his regular litter or the nail regrowth entity. He may very all right be overusing his feet and hasn't allowed himself adequate time to heal. If your veterinarian have any pain meds to dispatch home with him, by adjectives means do that. Please don't use anything you enjoy at home you use on yourself. They can be very toxic for your kitty.
Something you can do at home is to confine him to a smaller space while you are gone and curtail his activity even when you are at home. You may see a difference within his ability to move when he wake up if you try this for a week or two.
Good luck
P.S. Just an FYI. I don't think you did wrong surrounded by declawing your kitty as long as there is never a occasion he will place outside or allowed outside without supervision and restraint.
I too enjoy 2 kitties that are declawed and unbelievably happy. My skin is also bullish from not being used as scatching post as powerfully as my furniture.
One more FYI, one kitty I had declawed years ago be not declawed properly and I had to enjoy the extra piece of bone removed. When that happened he be much happier and not as sensitive.
It is possible that a bone spur was accidentally gone when the declaw was perform, this is not uncommon. If this is the shield, then your cat will require an spare surgery : ( Take him to your vet and have him reevaluated.

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