Any coincidence I'll catch this feral cat to adopt individual indoors?

Last spring, we started feeding this small cat. Eventually, he'd come basically inside the sliding glass doors and guzzle. But after six months, he still scooted if we got inwardly six feet of him.

When the weather get cooler, he stopped coming around as often. In decree to keep our house space heater and not drive him away, his food is outside the sliding glass doors on a piece of rug. He doesn't munch through often, but make about a cup of kibble disappear. I also tender him tuna, which he'll eat first. I get him some mail-order flea pills. (both for right now and to interrupt the flea-egg duration cycle)

He seems more skittish than concluding summer. His comfort zone is now 15 foot. And even if it's farther than that, he doesn't like to see us moving around.

Any break he'll ever cozy up to us? I'd sure like to fetch him to a vet and get him some shots. Till afterwards, I guess I'll remain a supplemental food source and not more.

Who's gotten really skittish, really feral cats domesticated?
Answers: A lot will depend upon whether he's a true feral from birth, or an abandoned cat that's become feral. His self and age (whether he's set in his ways or not) will hold an impact too.

My own two cats were both feral kittens and I pilfer care of some local fully developed ferals. It involves a lot of moderation to win their trust, even in small amounts, but it's enormously rewarding when you get to hear them purr for the first time at human being petted. I would imagine that as your cat have now increased his safekeeping zone, that he's had a obnoxious experience recently near other humans, that have reinforced his fears.

The pattern article below has lots of information on taming feral kittens and cats that you may find willing to help.

Even if you never persuade him to become an indoor cat, you are providing him next to a better quality of go than he would have have without your backing. Keep up the good work.
I'ved traped/spayed and released 50+ feral cats, and tamed just about half.. alot of it depends on his age, the elder he gets the harder it is to bring under control them. But I've seen feral cats you could put your hand out and touch without any handling earlier.. They were alot elder though. If you REALLY wanted to find him shots you could use a 'be a friend' trap to catch him. The trap is a live one so it wont hurt him. That channel you can get him spayed/shots.

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