Am I doing wrong?

A feral cat has made its home within my garage. O.k I feed it and it sleeps surrounded by a cardboard box, but goes out at dark. Am I doing wrong by encouraging it. By the way, it wont consent to me touch it.
Answers: No. You are doing right. You are preventing him from scavaging and keeping a mouser on your property. You might want to pick up an over-the-counter wormer and mix a little within with his food, since most street cats own worms, and this would help him utilize the honourable food you are feeding him. Don't want to be feed a worm farm.

If you want to really comfort him out and take it a step further, you can travel to a local shelter and rent or borrow a trap called a "Have-a-Heart" trap. They look resembling torture chambers, but you put some stinky food surrounded by them, the cat goes contained by to eat, and the round up shuts behind him. They you could pinch him in to be neuter (there are free spay/neuter clinics in most parts of the world now) and to capture his shots. If he can't be socialized, you could then release him, and he could verbs to be your personal mouser, but you will have prolonged his life span by many years and enhanced his quality of vivacity as well.

This is up to you, but feed him and giving him safe haven is not at adjectives a wrong thing. Cats suffer horribly within the winter months in indescribable ways. You are preventing that. In time, he may come to you. When you transport him his food, make a nouns -- a name, a clicking nouns, a high-pitched "kitty-kitty!" -- and he will associate it next to food and you. In time, he will come when you make this nouns -- no matter where on earth he is. While he is eating, stand at a distance so he does chomp through, but talk to him considerately.

He may have have bad experiences beside humans, and if he has other been undomiciled, he is surely reluctant, but over time, he will come to trust you, and once he does, he will more than predictable permit you to touch him. Very few undomiciled cats are truly, truly feral and cannot be socialized. If you want to try this tact, and linger for him to come around before you try to trap him, you can do that too.

But the short answer to your press is, no. YOu are not doing something wrong, and you are not creating problems for yourself. You are preventing suffering and perhaps even forming a lifelong friendship.
depends if you similar to it around or not , your not going to do it any harm but its never going to be a house cat !!!

and they cut into an bite like a *** if they gain upset with you

even a house cat wont stay round if its not pleased , the cat owns you , you never own a cat , they go where on earth they want when they want . so its happy if its staying around.
I utter no unless it's female later it will bring any kittens to your garage. If it's a male cat, why not. They are upright at keeping mice and other small rodents out of your yard.

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