15 week outmoded kitten question?

Ok I just get a sweet kitten, but I have never have a cat before so I hold some questions.

How ancient should she be before I start giving her treats? And how abundant in a afternoon?

Should I give her a hip bath while she is young so that she get used to the water?

How much food should I furnish her, ( the box says 1/4 to 1 cup which seem very vague) and should I nurture her once a day or more afterwards that?? She is an indoor cat, and I dont want to overfeed her and make her rotund, although she gets lots of excersize chasing things around.

And she is terrifically aggressive when it comes to hunting (a fake mouse, a piece of wrapping paper) I am sure she well-educated that when she was young at heart, as she was found contained by a barn with her mom surrounded by the cold before I adopt her from the spca, but shoudl I do anything about that aggression??

thankfulness for all your facilitate, I really want to give her the best duration possible!!
Answers: Risse,

My kitten was like peas in a pod way when he be 15 weeks. They are a holy terror! The best opening to treat aggressiveness is to have a spray bottle near water contained by it. When she is getting too rough, spray her a few times and she will get the message. Do not play next to her with your hand or get down and be rough beside her on the floor. This will encourage her to be aggressive.

For presently, feed her what it say on the box, but as she gets elder, you will get a better model of what is too much and not enough for her. Also, I would solely feed once a hours of daylight. Then, you know exactly how much she is eating everyday - as defiant leaving the food out and have no idea exactly how much she's have. Feed her a good power kitten dry food like Science Diet, Purina, Iams, Eukanuba, or Royal Canin. I personnaly use Science Diet. I would really stay away from store brand cat foods or ones that are really cheap. They do not use suitable quality ingredients. When she is year frail, you can switch to an Indoor Adult formula.

You don't really need to offer her a bath unless she catch very dirty. She will do a well brought-up job of cleaning herself. However, if you want to go swimming her, you can use oatmeal shampoo, which is very perfect for their skin. NEVER use shampoo that is designed for people. If you want, you can trim her claws once a week to hold on to her from damaging furniture or you!

You can start giving her treats presently! They will be good for her teeth and will incite her. It's also a great way to bond near your kitten. I wouldn't give more than a couple a daytime.

I hope I answered some of your questions. You should other ask your veternarian and he/she will be glad to give you free warning over the phone about anything that you enjoy concerns about near your kitten.

Enjoy your new infant!!

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