After bring home my cat from human being neuter the others are hissing?

Our mama cat had 3 kittens contained by July. They are now going to b 6 months. They enjoy always played near eachother and love eachother. Yesterday I had the first boy spayed. When I brought him home the other cats (a girl and boy) preserve hissing and growling at him. I thought because the anestesia was making him exploit different so I kept the neutered one away, its immediately the next afternoon and he is feeling much better but our other cats still do not approaching him. This was exceedingly sudden up until yesterday before I brought him to the vet they be all loving. Any experieces or concept?
Answers: Indeed the problem is because he "smells" different to them now. You can put a small amount of kitchen vanilla or malodorous hand lotion on adjectives the cats noses and beneath the tail to mask the strange odors and variety them smell like one another.
They are hissing because he smells different. Cats hold their own individual scents and make out eachother by scent. Your cat smells like the vet office, and the others don't sanction the scent. It'll wear off contained by a few days. Chances are they'll all appropriate their turns being hissed at. :-)

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