7/8 Week Old Kitten problems?

I have tentative 7/8 week old kitten, one and only problem is it keeps biting everything resembling wires, furinutre etc. And it keeps scratch biting everything, its so vicious it jumps around resembling mad and claws everything. WHEN WILL IT STOP, OR HOW DO I STOP IT?!
Answers: specifically what kittens do! It will stop by the time the "kitten" turns a year. Your kitten will still play and run around, but not as often. My cats used to climb my legs and it didn't event if I had pant on or not. They clung to my skin. OUCH!

My sister used to put her cat into time out (bathroom) for a couple of minutes to calm it down. I'm pretty sure that cat be possessed. :)
well they enjoy stuff you can spray on furniture and wires to keep it from chewing on items you dont want them to or could be dodgy...but this will pass. get hold of plenty of toys and play with it alot. monitor out for certain house plants that are toxic. you can find a document on a website search im sure. moral luck!!

usually this crazy stage passes soon but still a kitten until 1 yr antiquated...but this varies per cat (when they stop individual wild)
All kittens do that usually. They are soo funny to watch but can be a genuine pain. Specially when they bite thru wires. hahahah... but its not that funny. I enjoy cats and done the same piece. I just hang about till they are older and more mellow.

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