Answer my cross-examine...please assist!?

Ok please help...We get my cat a few months ago and I love him lots but I got a problem.Me and my sister be fooling around with my cat Tigger and we saw his you-know-what (remember he's a boy) and I get so grossed out and now I won't stir near him or even kiss him resembling I used to a lot. He's getting neuter on the 8th but I don't wanna wait that long to hug and kiss my kitty. So any solutions? I REALLY want help!
Answers: I don't know how antiquated he is, but he's probably in warmth. Don't worry, he's not turned on by you touching him or petting him, unless you're um... around that nouns. Just stay away from that part of his body while he's within heat.

Once he's neuter he'll be less plausible to "expose" himself, but it's still a possibility.
How sad.
You are a impossible cat owner.
Be more mature.
I'm not sure what neuter has to do beside it- you will still see his penis after he is neutered.

It's a body part- nought to be grossed out about.
oh - in recent times don't think nearly it. My little princess got spayed ultimate week and her poor tummy is all shaved but she's still the most charming cat in the world. He's close to a person - still have the same opinion of yourself and he'll pick up on that... Nothing to be grossed out about: it's moral fibre. Please get over it - especially since your not showing any affection.

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