Any Krazy Kittens contained by Tight Spot Stories?

Give me some cute stories so I can keep my kittens antics surrounded by the proper perspective. The kittens were knock over the trashcan and strewing crud all over the place. I have to bungee cord the trash can to the wall. Last night I walk into a dark kitchen and near was MOVEMENT surrounded by my trash can! I'm spooking cause it sure give the impression of a big rat (like I've ever even have a field mice surrounded by this place but tell that to the goosebumps that started popping out everywhere). Turned out it be my HE-kitten. Arrgh. I guess I'll have to put a hasp on the lid of the trash can and slap a flaming combo lock on it!

Share some stories! Please!
Answers: My grandmother's cat loved not taken Kleenix boxes. Even when it was instrument too big, it would crawl in and explode the box totally confused why the box no longer held him.

Well I'm an animal control officer, and I get a ton of stories, so I'll just share some of the places I've found kittens

coup¨¦ engines, roof tops, ventalation systems, even inside the wall and subflooring, which is frustrating cause they tend to reflect its a game. They will steal a look there herald out, swat, and then run rear legs inside.

The best story I have happen just a few weeks ago. A cat at our shelter get loose, and we couldn't find it anywhere. As I was walking down the board room one day the ceiling tile come crashing down, and scared the heck out of me. The cat have been surrounded by the ceiling somehow and fell through. He was fine, but man it surprised me
my lil bagheera (norwegian forest cat cross moggy 8 months old) get on top of my front room door and after meows at the top of his voice at two o'clock in the morning as he have got stuck i amenable front room door and he jumps onto my shoulder he weigh in at 5.5kgs. he father (cat) did equal at the same age. his mother (cat never seem to get contained by to tight spots apart from when she was giving birth she made a dart for the inside of my weak sofa.she used to climb into the sofa before she have her kittens and we used to be swiped with paw until we moved but she has grown up since and isn't so playful and we hold got a fresh suite.

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