Hurt my kitten?!?

I have a little kitten and it goes crazy when i bring it food. I feed her regularly ((just in case you were wondering.)) So a while ago i think i stepped on my kittens paw! I didnt mean to!, but it accidentily happend. I was bringing her food and she was everywhere one minute she was on my bed and the next she was under my foot! I didnt even see her. She didnt meow when /and if i did step on her paw.
Now she is holding up her paw like its hurt! She runs and walks normally, but when she sits or takes a break she holds her paw up.
Im really scared that i hurt her!
What should i do?
Is she going to be ok?
Please tell me!
Wait a little while, and keep and eye on her. If it's still the same thing then go to a vet. You might try to carefuly touch the paw and see what happens, but be very careful as it might make it worse.
awwwwww! ur kitten probably is hurt, but not too bad, so dont worry
I know exactly what you mean, my cats are always running round my feet when I'm feeding them. Sometimes it can be difficult to avoid those cute little furries :) It sounds as though you did step on your cats paw, which could mean it is sore or at worst broken. If either of these is true, then your cat should recover soon, just as a human would in the same situation. I would have your kitten checked out at the vets just in case, it would be terrible if anything were to happen :( Good luck to you and a speedy recovery to your kitty.
P.S: Nice name and pic, I love anime and manga! =)
she should be fine in a day or two. if she's not then think about taking her to your vet
She'll be alright. It just needs to heal up a little.
Have you perhaps thought about taking him/her to the vet?
Kittens do that and even grown cats will always walk in front of your feet and wind through and around your legs so even though I am extra careful I too have accidentally stepped on her paw. If there were serious damage like a broken bone in her paw, she would not be walking or esp.running normally and it would be very obvious that she'd bein great pain. Her paw is sore why she is holding it up so when you are around your kitty do not be active with her but pet so she will not run or walk alot-also give her some extra protein-which will speed up healing-a little chicken(NO BONES) would be good.Itshould be better by tomorrow-but if by Sunday afternoon she is still holding her paw up then you most definitely need to take the kitty to the VET for her bones may still be soft and not completely hard yet andyou want to make sure no injury so there's no possiblity of deformity as she grows.Besides, it always better to be safe and have her checked than be sorry later.
If she's not limping then it isn't serios. If it was broken she would be
The paw is probable just browsed

P.S. don't get scared if she keeps this "habit" some animals do
try putting ice on her paw or perhaps try taking it to the vet. if you can't afford the vet then try picking up her paw if she screetches or meows like if she's hurt then it's probobly broken. try putting ice though.. good luck
If you are truly frightened then take her to the Vet. My best guess is that you are being played. As someone who has 3 - 15 cats at one or another all of my life, I can assure you she picked up on how remorseful you were to have stepped on her foot. no it is a behavior that she feels will be rewarded with her favorite thing - FOOD!
Be patient she'll grow up eventually.
massage her paw while rubbing her and scratching her(under the chin)
Take her to the vet! Chances are, she might need a cast if it's broken, but she'll be fine.
Ok, you're a good catmomma. You didn't mean to get her, and she probably isn't bad hurt. If she still acts as if it hurts by tomorrow (they have short memories) then take her to the vet. Stepping on them rarely hurts them permanently if it's only their paws or tail. I had one suicidal cat that used to run to get ahead of me and then throw herself, upside down right under my feet. (She liked her tummy rubbed with your foot!) I never actually stepped on her stomach, but it was a near thing several times. My old fella now will run and get in front of my husband - I think because it panics the husband so bad.he likes to score off him, because he (the cat) lived with me first! Try to examine her paw more closely, but be careful: you don't want to hurt it more, and you don't want to get bitten. Oldfella bit clean thru my hand in 3 places one time when he had his tail in the window (it wasn't hurt, just pinched, according to the vet). He wasn't hurt - but I had to go to the ER to get the bleeding stopped! And had to take a bunch of shots and antibiotics.

And yeah, she'll be ok! She has a GOOD mom!
unfortunately it happens i know they get overly excited and that is usually the result i would keep an eye on it im not sure how long ago it happened but if it was very recently keep an eye and if she continues to do it past the weekend you may need to take a trip to the vet to make sure she is ok
It is going to be ok dont worry!Just bring her to the vet and he will tell you what is wrong!If she is not meowing then dont you think she is ok?
watch it for a couple days if it keeps happening take it to the vet to get it checked out.

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