Adopting a cat, guidance?

first of all. I'm just this minute married living in a brand different apartment that was lately finished this year. We are the first ones to live in it and I don't want my cat to mess up anything so I need warning on how to protect the house.
We have 3 bedrooms, the cat isn't allowed to run outside so I'm wondering if it would be okay for me to leave it's toys and food within a bedroom room and leave the cat in attendance for when we go to the store. (it's litter box would be contained by the bedroom closet).
i'm wondering if I should get a cat or a kitten. I be thinking a kitten in baggage the cat is used to going outside since it would have to be trained to be indoors. but i enjoy to keep within mind protecting the house and furniture.
Can any cat owners give me warning?
Also male or womanly cat? Neutered or not? I know I don't want to get it declawed, so how can I trademark sure it doesn't spray or claw the doorways and walls?
Answers: It would be okay to leave the cat contained by a bedroom when you are out. Cat wouldn't like it though, and I'm unsure what you construe that would accomplish. The cat may even act out due to person confined.

Go with a kitten, consequently you don't have to break existing "fruitless habits". I have three cats, and when they be kittens, the first thing I did when I brought them home be put them into their litter box. That was adjectives it took, maybe I be lucky.

Let the kitten choose you, not the other way around. You will know if you and the kitten click when you hold it for the first time. My eevee sprawled out within my arms, started purring loudly, & gently touched my frontage with her paw.

As far as protecting the house and furniture. If you have leather/suede or another solid textile furniture you are in adjectives trouble. I know this is a touchy/controversial subject and I am not trying to push you into either direction, but purely know that if you don't declaw then you will own to work very strong at training the cat to only sharpen it's claws on a scratch post & not doorways, the carpet, or on furniture. Pet stores also own sprays that supposedly keep the cat from scratch. I am unsure how well that works. If it's yard goods furniture you should be okay once the cat is trained. (like microfiber).

With all that said, the individual other thing I can infer of that the cat would damage would be pane sills/ledges they could jump onto. But typically you can resolve that next to a fresh coat of paint on the scratched area. (For wood they enjoy wax crayons/markers that can typically cover this damage you a moment ago have to contest the color.) And on a final note, I wouldn't enjoy any stringy decor because the cat/kitten will never leave it alone & may even budge as far as to eat it.

Male or womanly is entirely a personal choice. I personally meditate female cats are more affectionate & you should ALWAYS spay or spay your cat unless you plan on breeding. It is healthier for the cat, and they will be more dyed-in-the-wool pet.
I think it would be better for you to get hold of a guinea pig.. since they stay in a hold all daytime but they are just as cuddley as a cat. You can adopt them from abundant shelters and they don't cost as much to care for.. you dont' enjoy to neuter them or catch them shots.

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