Any body know of a angelic pet psychologist within Glasgow nouns??

My cat, who is seriously bullied by a bird I have adjectives had contracted to take it out - on the local dogs. Not the small yorkies or poodles any - no he has the whatevers to whip on alsations, labs, a rottweiler - Oh and the binmen have be getting it as well. The local council have informed me that if he continues attacking the men then they will not pick up any bins on our subdivision of the street.
I need some serious anger admin councilling for him - (and maybe the bird requirements to go as well) but do not know where on earth or who to contact. The local vet seems to believe I am a nut job next to serious problems who is causing adjectives the angst both pets are going through. While I admit I probably own contributed to the problem by taking in a bird not a soul else wanted (And very soon know why) I am trying to sort things out.
Answers: I would do a search for a 'Pet Behaviourist' surrounded by your area. Your vet prominently doesn't see the seriousness of this! {I can though!}

As it is your pet then it is your responsibility to sort this so your vet should give somebody a lift you seriously. First off, have he been neuter? If not then specifically the first thing you necessitate to get done.

Your cat requests to be kept inside while the bin men are there though until this is sorted. The cat and the bird MUST be kept separate - within is no other way to solve this problem. Either keep hold of them in separate rooms or re home one of them.
Listen to your vet!!

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